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Re: Opinions
Village Old Timer
2004/8/3 11:03
村民 :: Villager
議長 :: Mod
Posts: 565

bujincan wrote:
There are people who have no interest in training in other arts, which means that training in another art is not a valid choice for them ... in which case if there aren't any Bujinkan teachers around, they have "no other choice", so to speak.

Regardless of whether you have a teacher in front of you or not, in the beginning you're still just copying "what you think you see". Of course, it's way better to have a teacher in front of you to help correct your mistakes. I don't think anybody would argue that. But if the choice is home study course or not training at all, why discourage people from using the home study course?

Perhaps I am discouraging people from using the home study course, but I would prefer to think that I am discouraging people from improperly training and learning a martial art. If you are serious about the art (and don't wish to receive proper instruction in another art) then you want to learn it correctly.

Personally, if my Bujinkan training came down to home-study or no-study, I would opt for the no-study. I don't need to delude myself into thinking I am actually learning anything.

Posted on: 2007/12/15 8:24
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Re: Opinions
Honorary Villager
2007/12/14 20:30
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 35
Personally, I have no other option. I try to train myself, I had a basic instruction from my friend who has learned, but now he is in college and cannot train. I think its just a little bit pompass thing to assume that if we have no other resources to just "not do it at all". I mean, whose to say what you learn is absolute? For all you know, A person can learn just as much from self teaching, and hopefully understand it as they have to experience things alone, as well as their mistakes. And altogether learning from hands on experience rather than what is told.

Posted on: 2007/12/15 13:57
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