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Welcome Back!
村長 :: Sonchou
2003/1/24 17:34
From Chiba, Japan
村長 :: Admin
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 1546
Welcome back to the new & improved Kutaki no Mura! Its good to be back up and running.

Here are some points to get people started:

* Registration
As mentioned on the splash page that was up for the last week, all members will have to register from scratch again. This is the biggest inconvenience in starting over, and we thank you for your patience.

* Signatures
User signatures will only work if you have the "Always use signature" box checked. Its under the signature setting in your user profile.

* Quote of the Day
Send me in some to use, and I'll throw them up.

* Karma
This is not set up yet, but look for it coming back in the next few days.

* Shidoshikai
The database was lost, so I only have records of some (not all) of the people who sent in their Shidoshikai membership card scans. If you want access, register as a user first, then email me from the same account you sent me your card from, and I'll see if I still have the email with your card scan. If I don't, you'll have to send it again. Hopefully you saved the scan.

The server now has a CD-R drive, thanks to a generous donation from Nodakko. Backups will be burnt to CD-R once a week to prevent any further loss of data on the scale we experienced recently.

I still have a record of those people who donated through paypal. The "onjin" kanji and the paypal link will be set up again in the next few days.

That's all I can think of for now.
Any feedback or suggestions can be posted in that forum under "Village Hall."

Thank you,


Posted on: 2003/2/1 9:26

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