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ninjanoka discussions:/
Just Passing Through
2008/8/26 0:44
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 2
Hey people,

First off all I'm loving this site and most of the conversations taking place here!

But! Yes a big butt:P
The attitude of certain people while discussing doesnt seem very ninja'ish and do seem very single sided.

I read things as go ask your instructor ( like 54 million times) While people come here for the source of information. Why even have the forum? Why just dont ask your instructor? Why? To have fun! To have share thoughts! To help each other! To have productive filosofical conversations!

On the forum i see a lot of flaming:/ i read things as : you are wrong, maybe he should leave the bujinkan or you should: For instance you should only use videos of soke as training material.

Why are people feeling so much competition? Why cant we just be friends and have different views that we can discuss withouth saying this is wrong, this is right.

I just feel this is so not bujinkan and want to make everything a happier place! So ramen from the house?:P


Steven Ramaker

Posted on: 2009/2/1 19:57
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Re: ninjanoka discussions:/
2004/8/16 2:59
From Maryland, USA
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 54
Hello Ninjanoka,

Welcome to the forum!



Posted on: 2009/2/2 3:58
Hyaku hatsu, hatsu chu!

For every one hundred shots, one hundred hits!

Proverb for wishing one ultimate success.

Lee Relf
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Re: ninjanoka discussions:/
Permanent Village Fixture
2006/2/11 15:33
From Cupertino, CA
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 389
thank you for introducing yourself. It is a great way to introduce yourself by saying all these critical words! hehehe...

for what it is worth..... let me just point out something:
- one of the features of "very ninja'ish" attitude might be to avoid public exposure unless to create myths and spreading misinformation that could be helpful for carrying out missions later on. Please note that this is a public forum. I would suggest: use your own wits to feel through the labyrinth of kyo-jitsu - it is all training.

hmmm... maybe one more thought:
- the "ask you instructor" sounds annoying, but IMHO this is the only answer that can be responsibly given in many situations. Either because the thing in question relies on "feeling" that cannot be passed in words (only "man-to-man") or because the answer should not be put in the open as you do not know who is going to read it. Hatsmi Sensei said many times that only people with good hearts should be taught this art. He also said that to study the art you need to find a knowledgeable teacher who regularly trains with in Japan.

I always enjoy keiko, hope you too!


Posted on: 2009/2/2 7:44
San Francisco Bujinkan Dojo
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Re: ninjanoka discussions:/
Village Old Timer
2009/1/11 18:38
村民 :: Villager
議長 :: Mod
Posts: 615
It all depends on the types of questions. Some questions simply warrant a "go ask your teacher" response. And, other questions ought to be kept private and/or asked with discretion.

Posted on: 2009/2/2 17:48

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