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Re: Hi
As I said above, this is true on a straight blade as the body naturally vacuum seals itself around a blade. But on a curved blade such as the katana, this is not the case as a proper thrust will open a wound bigger than the blade due to the sori.

Once again, this concept of a "blood groove" is quite a misnomer.

Posted on: 2003/2/10 12:29
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vacuum myth / sucking wounds and fullers
Frequent Visitor
2003/2/11 2:49
村民 :: Villager
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I've read mostly that the notion that a fuller is there to release blood or somehow counter the effects of a vacuum sealing the blade in the body is a myth, regardless of style of blade.

One online article:-

Posted on: 2003/2/11 3:13
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Re: Blood Grooves (Hi) in Shinken
Honorary Villager
2003/2/4 5:20
From Colorado, USA
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There was quite an involved thread on this topic on SwordForum.com not long ago.

It rapidly gets into some very esoteric mechanics and engineering topics, but there are some salient points in the thread worth reading if you are interested...


I think the short version is:
1) Hi were used aesthetically, and to balance a sword after extensive repolishing or shortening due to damage
2) Hi allow lightening of a sword without compromising the stiffness of the sword as much as much as a reduction in overall cross section.

I do not believe that they provide a functional reduction in vacuum effect when withdrawing from a thrust (ewwww) or in letting blood flow more effectively.

Posted on: 2003/2/11 3:54
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blood grooves
Just Passing Through
2003/2/2 14:19
村民 :: Villager
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the term blood grove probably came from a movie, and it definately isnt there so the blade will not stick. most leo's if asked(or even corectional guards) will tell you that when the person got stabbed 20+ times there wasn't a problem with the blade sticking(or releasing) in the intended target.
as to why its there, i've heard plenty of things, mostly to lighten up the blade. it also looks preaty. theres pleanty of threads on e-budo or swordforum about this. i just wanted to pipe in and say blood grooves are for conan movies

Posted on: 2003/2/14 6:04
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