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Re: Seriously WHY?
Just Passing Through
2010/8/10 7:04
From new zealand
村民 :: Villager
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@ Noshin, thanks man. Luna wolves pre black legion are a powerful reminder of how even the best can be corrupted if vision is lost. I feel that all these "wargames" that people invest so much time and energy in are fragment of our collective desire for direction, purity and purpose.
just my opinion though, I do inhabit the Other side of the planet.

@ Darren, thanks for asking- the whole suit was made by hand ,by me and only using manual tools,mostly a multitool to machine the 5005 aluminium sheet into armour plates. the idea being that historical ninja utilized the materiels nature provided them to fashion improvised weapons.
So, I adopted this attitude to armour, i could not afford premade japanes period armour for authenticity of movement, so this result is what I have ended up using to do battlefield style Taijutsu/Sabaki/Yoroi/.

I think the main things that have crystalized around the time spent training in armour is that what begins as being almost restrictive as a body sized coffin, soon teaches you its own natural taijutsu, I have been told about concepts from kukishinden, and that they were altered after the time when armour was commonplace, to reflect the changing of the times. To truly understand the limitation of armour, its strengths, how to break it, to unbalance, to lock.

considering some of the techniques using smaller weapons, i can understand how east it is to lock, and control an armoured, especially bulky armour like mine. semban, rope, kyoketsu especially these things are very good at controlling a "heavy" opponent.

It has been humbling also, to keep seeing the same suki in my movement, highlighted by armour I can see how far i need to refine the movements to smoothness.


Mat Iliohan

Posted on: 2010/8/12 7:40
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