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Re: Internal warfare
Active Kutakian
2003/2/3 20:17
From Cambridge, England
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 129
I know that, at least for me, there's a difference between studying more than one martial art because that's the path you want to go (Sidestepping the discussion about splitting your efforts, trying to walk two paths at once versus merging two routes, and so on), and studying other martial arts because they help you to understand your core study.

I study human physiology because I believe it will help me understand body dynamics - taijutsu - that much better. I learn about other martial arts because it's often easiest to see something when there's a contrast. Just as it's difficult for someone to see how well they've progressed in their first year of training until someone new turns up, it can be difficult to see some principles of an art until you see a skilled martial artist who simply doesn't do that particular thing. This can be as simple as watching a Shotokan Karate practitioner never using footwork for evasion, which tends to only be taught at a high level in that style, and so understanding the importance of it for ourselves. It's also possible to gather training exercises that can be modified easily to teach our own principles.

I'm just commenting to add another perspective on things, since people often centre on issues concerning the 'completeness' of particular art, or whether two styles can complement each other, when it could just be treated as a means of learning about BBT through exploration.

Posted on: 2003/9/18 21:18
Simon Fraser
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Re: spirituality
Occasional Visitor
2003/7/10 5:55
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 7
Hi Tim,

I don't feel that this board is the proper place to continue this discussion. I will PM you to talk further.

Take Care,

bryan d.

Posted on: 2003/9/19 11:35
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