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Hombu Dojo: On the tatami
Village Old Timer
2009/1/11 18:38
村民 :: Villager
議長 :: Mod
Posts: 615
I'm writing this as a mere heads up on what is expected on the tatami and what one ought not to do on the tatami.

When you are on the tatami at the hombu, you are expected to learn and train first and foremost. The tatami are for people to train on. It isn't a place to hold conversations about stuff other than what you are currently training on. (this is during class of course).
If you want to hold a longer conversation or talk about daily life and catch up, the wooden floor at the back of the room is the spot to do it or you could wait and catch up after training.

Food and drinks should not be drunk or eaten on the tatami, you can do this off the tatami but on the tatami, you probably shouldn't do that. However, some teachers have tea breaks and people have tea on the tatami. But, there is also a chance during that time to clean up the possible mess and there isn't sugar or other possible insect food in the tea. If you need to get a drink pleas do it on the wooden floors and not on the tatami.

When the training is over, cleaning up the dojo and resetting things is encouraged and expected out of serious budo students. It isn't demeaning or anything it is meant to be a sign of respect to the teacher and the dojo. Usually the youger people in the room should do it, regardless of rank and also those of lower ranks. But, the teacher shouldn't have to do it or ask you to do it. You should just do it if you can and are able.

If you want to have a picture taken with the teacher, the first priority should be getting the dojo in order then seek out a picture, besides a clean dojo would look better as a photo than a room full of people changing and cleaning wouldn't it?

Shoes of anykind shouldn't touch of the hardwood floor of the dojo this goes for tying and putting your shoes on to leave.

Out door tabi should be worn out doors and indoor tabi worn indoors. Don't wear your indoor tabi out door and step on the tatami please.

Please ask for permission for videos and photos first and try to read the atmosphere around the response. Sometimes a "yes, it's Ok" can really mean "no, but go ahead anyway". But, it also can just mean "sure, feel free".

This aren't rules or anything, these are merely simple things to think about... There are always points or times where these things might not apply, it's case by case. But, please remember if you are only here for a short time, how would you want to be remembered when you returned.

SImple things really make the difference for all, not just your experience but everyone's experience.

The hombu is the home of the Bujinkan, it might be time for the children in the house to grow up a bit more. We shouldn't remain young tatami rats, but maybe strive to set a better example for those now starting and growing up in the Bujinkan.

When a child can be forgiven, an adult would be shunned and shamed.

These things listed above has not been a huge issue, but they are constant small reminders of how little people seem to care about hombu and the teachers that grace their walls.

Posted on: 2010/5/15 15:04

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