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The Shawn Gray seminar last weekend was great
Honorary Villager
2003/8/5 0:53
From Houston, Texas
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The Shawn Gray seminar last weekend was great. We had people from Austin and as far away as Denver come learn from a very skilled Shihan. He started Saturday with rolling and different ways than I have seen. Then he went over Geryaku No Maki, aspects of the Ten Chi Jin. I loved the progression and the variations in movement as well as the similarities from one tech. to the next. Shawn has a way of demonstrating and explaining so everyone understood. I also noticed later in the day he had to correct people less and less as they "got " it. He also went over Tachi and explained it was different from Katanna as it was older and from horseback fighting and has a more curved blade to go at different angles to get under armor. I found it very interesting. We went out to a buffet for dinner and had some nice conversations as to what is it like to live in Japan.
Sunday we again went over some rolls and then did Muto Dori. Many of the movements he showed Saturday, were applicable to the sword attacks we did Sunday. I noticed everyone had plenty of energy for the whole weekend and I think it was due to Shawn imparting his understanding of taijutsu.
I know I have a few years worth of training out of this seminar. I did video the seminar so I have a study guide for this years practice. Shawn will be back next year so we can continue to learn from one of the best Shihan I have had the opportunity to train with. Thanks to Rich Cearley and Joe Altemus for sponsoring Shawn.

Mark Harper
Bujinkan Houston Dojo

Posted on: 2010/6/11 9:22
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