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Re: policy on offshoot groups
2003/6/4 9:44
From Missouri
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 96
As Far as training with other groups listen to yourself look to yourself by that When u train look at a persons movement if there movement seems good train with them if they seem like they are a kook avoid them. There are a lot of good teachers out there there are also a lot of charlatans that play with the whole ninja image just to make a quick buck u will recognize them as u see them. By all means find a good teacher in the Bujinkan and have them as your main teacher but don't be afraid to train with other people who have a different perspective on the training. Remember NO ONE has the whole picture of this art it is so much bigger than us. Figure out what u want to be good and and pursue it if u want to do this art as a hobby great do it if u want to Train in this art as a way of life do that to. Listen to your self and your teacher use your mind and u can't go wrong. Remember we are a community of martial brothers and sisters.

Just don't wear Dark pajams and run around at night looking to fight crime it never helps :)

Posted on: 2010/8/30 5:58
Tim Craig
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