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Questions part 2 :)
Frequent Visitor
2010/6/24 21:57
From Wingham NSW
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Hi all,
I have been studying Bujinkan for about 18mnths and I recently passed my 6th Kyu test. I have a few questions, there are many reasons that I decided to study this art and the main one is because I am right into the history.

Question One
is there a site or book that I can find the TenChiJin with paragraphs explaining strikes and footwork?

Question Two
is there a set number of techniques that you need to know for brown-belt?

Train hard and I hope to hear from you.

Posted on: 2011/10/27 19:42
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Re: Questions part 2 :)
2009/1/19 23:39
From Germany
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Posts: 71
Qestion 1 and 2 should be answered by your instructor and the important points should be shown by your instructor as well.
It doesn't make sense to study with books only, this art is being kept alive by direct teaching.

Posted on: 2011/10/27 23:11
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Re: Questions part 2 :)
Cant Stay Offline
2003/2/4 2:12
From Sacramento, CA (USA)
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Kaeru is right - you should get this from your teacher.

I know it's a bit 'lame' of an answer. But, the point is that there are many versions of the Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki in print and online, some with descriptions. However, even the best descriptions contain gaps and differences (some flat out wrong). This could cause you to actually go backwards in your training, so that's why it is cautioned.

As far as 'brown belt requirements', first off there is no official brown belt in the Bujinkan. That's a local belt rank/color your shidoshi has chosen to use. However, the kyu rank (likely ikkyu) is an official rank in the Bujinkan. There's nothing wrong with doing things like that, but understand every shidoshi sets his/her own requirements for each rank, so you need to speak to him/her about it.

The trouble with seeking training guidance through online mediums is that we don't know what path you are on with your instructor. You haven't trained directly with me, so I have no idea how you move or what you know. Therefore, I have no idea what you 'need' to know or what you 'need' to fix. So, I couldn't offer any advice to you in that regard.

To answer your Kukishinden Ryu question from your first thread, that's equally difficult. It would take volumes to answer and likely would only servce as brain candy instead of actually helping you develop good kihon. As I said already, there are volumes of such information already on the net. But, remember, these things can lead you off the path of development your shidoshi is guiding you on, so be very careful.

All the best!

Posted on: 2011/10/28 0:08
Darren Dumas

I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, or in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend. ~ Thomas Jefferson
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Re: Questions part 2 :)
Honorary Villager
2009/3/13 14:19
From Nanaimo, BC, Canada
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Posts: 45
I agree with all the comments above. This is between you and your individual Sensei and/or Shidoshi. Ultimately, the details of what you need to know or undertsand is under their guidance.

A favourite quote of mine from Nagato Sensei: "Those who think there is only one way to do something do not understand budo." I personally think that this applies to many other topics one could name as well.

Posted on: 2011/11/4 8:45
The thing about talking about Bujinkan, and martial arts in general for that matter, is that the aspects you can clearly put into words are almost always basic in nature.
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