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led automotive bulbs
Just Passing Through
2014/1/14 15:28
From anty881209wong 140114
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LED light source as the fourth generation of new energy-saving light was used to make various types of lamps emitting light from the time of birth. As an incandescent light source luminous efficiency is only five percent, while the luminous MyLED efficiency of LED light source is almost close to 90 percent. LED lighting has become the focus of widespread concern because of its high energy efficiency, long life and interests of environmental protection features. Table lamps are used in every household as the ordinary lamps, in recent years because of its high brightness LED light source LED Floor Lamp manufacturing technology advances, while its production costs is declining, now it is able to use the LED light source lamp as high brightness, high efficient and energy saving, carbon-free lighting.AC220V provide a stable 12V DC power supply via adapter outside security lighting buck conversion to LED lamps. Place in a constant current power supply board on the lamp base of lamp shell, to transform AC current into a stable DC v current source to meet the LED light source glowing technical requirements. Before adding a DC current source can add a power switch, so that when the lamp is turned off, the DC power supply can LED Table Lamp be cut, but not off-220V AC power, so the adapter power plug do not need to be removed from the wall, which is the only "drawback” of this practical solution. If do not want to use mechanical switches, and want a more creative selling point, you can choose electronic touch switch, such as a finger tap to open lamp can be achieved -> all light, half dark, off; due to the rapid advances in electronic technology, electronic touch switch now is a low-cost device.
The smaller the DCR of the inductor is, the higher the efficiency is. EPC13 manganese is suggested to use the 4000 core.
When the inductor saturation current election is too small, D5 Scotty diode current is selected small, it will cause in less free-wheeling of the LED Wall Light entire circuit, LED light source produces visible to human eyes flash. The inductor saturation current and Scotty diode current is increased to increase the appropriate freewheeling current of the entire circuit, resulting in the elimination of flash. Select Adapter
LED lamp adapter provides a stable AC -> AC-DC buck conversion, its real-time load output capacity will affect the program's performance LED lamps for the program 3X1W white LED lamp adapter. When the output current is greater than 1A, the voltage should be stabilized at DC12V. Some poor load adapter, when connect the LED light load, in fact, the output voltage will drop to 7V, even 6.5V, the operating voltage 8V LED driver IC, it will then enter stop work because of under voltage protection status, once the driver IC stop working, the voltage rose again to 12V, LED driver IC turn into operation again, again and again, so LED lamps appears human eyes visible flash. At this point, only replace the adapter with LED Outdoor Light good capacity will make LED lamp work well. At the same time, you should use while operating voltage range from 6V initial LED driver IC, the adapter can also reduce the choice of requirements to reduce production costs. EMI conduction and radiation. anty881209wong 140513

Posted on: 2014/5/13 11:46
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