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kunoichi kawasaki...she shone (aka always wear leather...on your bike that is...)
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2015/12/5 10:08
From adelaide south australia
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k tis soapbox time...so up i step...pt1...

Just for the record;a very good helmet and bike leathers
CAN SAVE YOUR SKIN...literally.
when i let kunoichi kawa.zx7 go-at 60+kph i"bumped"
something? mirrors or handlbars etc and broke 2ribs
instantly and fractured all the others on that r side.

I then rolled several times trying to keep flow
and balance at hi-speed--worked sort of...my jacket
and trousers were VERY TRASHED-but my skin overall
WERE SAVED (and me too...).the leather held togetha
and i got lil more than massive bruising and bumps
on areas i had rolled on/into the road surface.

(i stil have the jacket as a memento as well as a
photo and handdrawn pic by my son nicholas whose
other later drawings btw can be found here:
https://www.instagram.com/arcanick 17/

-shoulder,hips,back areas,knees were all affected with
bone and tissue damage of varying degrees.
-my helmet kept my head together and on my shoulders cos
i didnt hit anything else along the way.i did pass out
for a few minutes-wos very dizzy,confused,rattled:
both mentally and physically.sore and worn wos i...

kunoichi kawa.zx7 wos too far gone-into the white(merc)...

Posted on: 2015/12/6 20:12
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