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For a Fellow Friend, Teacher and Warrior

Some people say that life is a lesson -
you learn it when you are through.
Some say that it is important to not let your fears stand in the way of your dreams.
Some, yet, say that life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.
Others may add that you have to stick to the game, pull through or put up with everything that comes your way.
With full force - no pitty, no regrets, just..
Straight in your face. With full force.

Some say, keep going. do not give up. endurance is the key.

I say - what do you need to fullfill all these phrases.
What do you need at the end of the day when you are alone and cold in your bed. no one to hold on to. to cherish, to hug. to be simply there. just there, beside of you in a world where people are not measured by their souls' depth but by their outer appearance and career options.

I say - take good care of your fellow friends, teachers, people along the way. those you will meet, and sometimes, too often, forget when your life is going down the drain. again. with full force and without mercy. you struggle and forget that there are others who you like to talk to one last time, one last time. for god's sake. just say that you are sorry and that you will put up with the cold and bone-chilling wind together. as buyu. as friends. as warriors who are in this together. another battle, you think.

until. everything is shattered. life and fate are always intertwined. for some, life is a nice challenge. for others.
what have you learned as a kid. as an infant when everything was truth.
will it enable you to cope with life and the many battles.

He will be missed dearly. a friend. a teacher. a fierce fighter mold and hardened in an environment most others would be scared of. working down in the pits digging for coal. you name it.
still, i should have cared more about him. phoned with him more often. no more.
A warrior in the true sense. who struggled everyday with the discrepance between his empathic soul and his outer appearance. the image he presented to people who did not take the time to look what lies behind the strong and the confident.
The struggle - lost.

May you rest in peac, my friend.
Your deeds and stories will be remembered.
I sincerely hope that you are where you always wanted to be.
That the place where you are now can give you the peace and somfort which you ultimately yould not find on earth.

May peace be with you. now and always.
May the winds take good care of you.
And I truly hope to see you again some day and age.
Until then, my friend.

Auf ein Wiedersehen.

Flowrider aka Michael
Wuppertal, Germany

Posted on: 2004/1/7 19:23
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