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good advice

Zenigata wrote:

I don't really like going for a guard pass on a grappler as they train for this sort of thing every day. I think the best options are just sitting back and going for the jewels - once there is a clean break then get up. If they want to lie on their back and be defensive - fine - I'll walk away. It isn't sport so I don't need to go for a win.

It's like soke says "If you fight a boxer - don't think about boxing. If you fight a judoka - don't think about judo. You don't want to think "How do I fight a boxer?", you want the boxer to think "How do I fight a Budoka?"

This is great advice! Another good "pass" is after you get your base, bury your head and control their elbows, sneak your hands to their neck, hop up to both feet and start punching them in the face.

The legs will come apart and you move on... This works very well.

learning Bjj style passing is good so your partner can train against that. but you do not need it to get free from seitai. as has been said, there is a big difference between sport and life and death or even a street fight.



Posted on: 2003/2/24 5:59
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Re: good advice
Permanent Village Fixture
2003/2/4 5:51
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 311
Hi Duncan,

I tend to agree with you about this point. Most likely we won't let it get to the guard, however if we need to spend some time in their land then we make sure we know their habbits and teach them a little lesson.

P.S. My plan is October - November although I'm not sure yet.

I would have loved to meet you again; we had some good laughs at the guest house.

The bet seems tempting so next time we meet we will have some fun.

Take care :)

Posted on: 2003/2/24 10:02
Eduard Divantman
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