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Togakure Ryu DVD re-releases
I am interested in buying the two new togakure ryu dvd's that are on sale on Buyu books web page but have some questions about the content.
Firstly whilst I was present at seminar I had the pleasure of being shown two old videos.
The first one looked like it was shot in the seventies or early eighties. It showed hatsumi in a devil mask with his students in a circle demonstrating Tobi. It also featured a defence against a rape with some nudity. I think it even had tanemura in it doing some flips.

The second video I saw looked like it was shot outside in Japan during a festival. There are loads of Japanese in traditional costumes demonstrating flips and escapes. There was also footage of Stephen Hayes using the shogee. The whole thing was shot on a camcorder in colour.

My question is are the new re-release Togakure Ryu DVD's these videos or are they completely different? If it helps I think the first one was also show on German TV Channel RTL.
Is there anyone out there that has seen the new DVD re-releases and can confirm the content?

Many thanks.

Posted on: 2004/3/13 23:17
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Re: Togakure Ryu DVD re-releases
It seems that they are different.

The BAB (that publishes 'Hiden' mag) had two Togakureryu videos before the QUEST series started, and the new DVDs will have the same contents according to the ad on the latest issue of 'Hiden' (p.107). And the two old videos seem different from what you explained here.

Posted on: 2004/3/13 23:40
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Re: Togakure Ryu DVD re-releases
2003/4/17 17:18
From columbus, ohio
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 76
Yes Daz, they are different. If you have not seen the Togakure ryu 2 video set I recommend picking them up. I should clarify that I have not seen the new re-release dvd's but as I understand it they have virtally the same content as the old tapes.

Posted on: 2004/3/14 0:03
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Re: Togakure Ryu DVD re-releases
Frequent Visitor
2004/3/21 9:37
From United Kingdom
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 22
Is there any news update on the release date/availability of the Togakure Ryu DVD?


Posted on: 2004/3/25 9:26
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