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2003/2/7 9:50
From Fresno Ca
村民 :: Villager
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Has anyone here every trained with the KamaYari of Kumogakure Ryu? What did you think of it?

Posted on: 2003/3/1 9:07
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Re: KamaYari
We looked at some variations with different types of Yari in 1994 (the theme for that year was Sohjutsu and Kodachi - spear and short sword). I remember Soke saying that there was over 100 different designs of Yari in old Japan.

What I learned was that Sohjutsu was less about the use of a weapon but more about the use of your body in harmony with the yari and the control of the "balance" of the weapon. There is a LOT to this that I think can only be taught by someone who was there.

A couple of other things from soke.

- The Yari is often thought as a long-range weapon but it is also a close-range weapon.

- Ishizuka-sensei asked Soke why Kodachi was being studied at the same time as Yari. Soke replied that this was because they are very similar.

- In the old days they used to say "Yari San-nen - Three years for the Yari" as it takes three years of study to learn. After we had done a year - and thought we were all pretty good - soke told us he had just given us a taste and that there was really years of study to go.

In my opinion the Kamayari is just a henka of normal Yari. Weapons like this are of little use to you without a solid grounding in the kihon of Sohjutsu and the kihon of Budo Taijutsu.

Posted on: 2003/3/3 8:48
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