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Only the Night
Village Old Timer
2004/12/21 19:52
From Dayton, Ohio
村民 :: Villager
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Hi folks,

This may seem very strange to some. I hope you will bear with me it kind of a long post.

My daughter has recently graduated from College and is making career decisions. One might liken this stage of life to passing her Shodan in life. She is truly a beginner. There are many trials and learning experiences ahead. I turned 40 the year I became a Shodan. I felt it was very appropriate as I had completed what I felt the basic skills of life were…School, carrier, Marriage, children. I really felt like I was just beginning to live.

With my daughter involved in this stage of her life, we could be in a constant stage of worry but we were very lucky and she has grown into a really great kid. I have full confidence in her life’s training. This is where I feel this is appropriate for Kutaki. There have been several threads recently in which we have lamented the change of people leaving and discussed the worries of future threats. One answer to this is that change and challenges are what life is all about. We must train for this, and having done that - be confident in our training to see us thru.

With all the trials ahead and completed, I found a song in the “Ninja Scrolls” soundtrack which I really like. Yes, a very guilty pleasure of mine is the “Ninja Scrolls” anime TV series. The soundtrack is great! It is best when listened to VERY LOUD. There are several ballads on the CD. This one is particularly appropriate for people involved in life changes – which I guess is all of us.

Lyrics by Peter McEvillry

Only the Night

When fate makes its arrival,
You’ve waited for so long
The fear that you once carried
Is now suddenly gone

So hear Destiny calling
Wind whispers a new song
Light travels with you now
You keep moving on

And its only night
That can lead us to the early light
And we can’t decide
You’ll know when it’s wrong or when it right

At times hidden in shadows
Weight falls and the winds fly
You wait like a young child
Time slowly moves by

And Night seemingly endless
Lives trials for the lonesome
The east smiles upon you
Now new day has come

And it’s only night,
That can lead us to the early light
And you can’t loose sight
You’ll know when it’s wrong or when it’s right



Posted on: 2005/10/7 3:05
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