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2003/5/28 2:52
From Austin, TX
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Hello Simon,

Whenever I buy any weapons I go in thinking that I'm going to break it training. If they don't I keep them. Later when I get half way good I'll buy a good quality katana. I was going to buy a gunto, but I thought that instead of buying something like that. I would buy something that wouldn't make me cry if I messed it up. Thanks again for your advice, my friend. As far as the tsuka goes I believe an 11" tsuka would the smallest I would train with, but it all depends. My iaito has the small 10" tsuka. Sometimes it just starts to annoy me. I totally adapted my bokken So it has a 11 1/2" tsuka and a plastice saya. I like training with my bokken more than my iaito but I traing with both. Having my bokken like that I can practice iaijust and kenjutsu. It works pretty good. Thanks for taking the time help me out.

Has anyone heard about, trained with, or owned a Field MK 1&2 by LAST LEGEND?


Posted on: 2003/6/21 6:14
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