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My first Papa-san seminar
Just Passing Through
2007/1/2 0:02
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 3
Papa-san, I just want to say thanks again for coming out to train with us in Little Rock. I really enjoyed meeting and training with you. You showed me some things that I really want to start working on...mainly trying to take the enemy's balance using taijutsu and body mechanics versus strength. Your personality also showed me that taijutsu extends beyond body movement into the realm of how we conduct ourselves around others. Showing respect, telling a story or funny joke, appearing humble and non-threatening are some things I learned that could go a long way in avoiding trouble. If you can make the enemy your friend, then you've already won the battle without having to do anything physical at all. I think the greatest victory is changing an enemy to a friend, and using mental taijutsu can go a long way in accomplishing that aim. I hope to train with you again really soon...take care Papa-san!

Jonathan Walls

Posted on: 2007/6/7 13:12
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