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Leaving Japan
Village Old Timer
2009/1/11 18:38
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I will soon have to step down from being the mod of this sub forum as I won't be a resident soon.

I will be returning to the states. I'm sure there are other members living in Japan that would be great to have as a forum Mod.

I'm sure Shawn will find someone far better than me to be a Mod.

I've enjoyed most of my training in Japan and I've learned I still have a lot to learn. The most important thing I learned was that training takes on various forms but it all come from one flow, one line of transmission. I happened to follow one fork in the road while others take other roads.

But all roads are connections. It's like the roads that lead out of Tokyo. As all roads lead out of Tokyo and into Tokyo. This ebb and flow, this give and take is what training is like. You get what you give in your efforts.

No effort is a wasted effort if it's sincere. My favorite caligraphy on the hombu wall is "勉強実誠" which roughly translate into "study with true sincerity". I think this is what we all ought to try to do.

It's not only for yourself, but in the relationships you have in training the people around you and your teacher. We are all on roads out of Tokyo.
We are also the rope we studied last year made of many threads but connected and interwoven into a single piece that dates back a 1000 years.

That rope is what's important. Our training shouldn't be neglected because each thread lends it strength to it. Also we shouldn't be jealous because we aren't in the place of other threads. Some threads fall off or can get cut, but the rope still remains if the bonds are strong. The stronger the bonds the less shreding the rope has.

Each person strengthens and weakens the rope by their individual ability and capacity to bare the weight and not break.

I've learned that we ought to develop ourselves and try to up lift others who are sincere in order to build a maintain a better rope to climb with.

Posted on: 2010/7/3 23:39

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