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Posted by kouryuu on 2012/8/7 1:51:26 (1361 reads)

Kutaki is back, with its first facelift in a couple of years, in addition to a major software upgrade behind the scenes. I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the site.

That being said, no major functions have been added or changed yet at this point. There are a number of things that are being planned for the not-so-distant future though. One of these will be a new Seminar/Event interface where people will be able to list training opportunities around the world. Other possibilities are bringing the Wiki and Blogs back, if there is interest. (So if you're interested in that functionality, please let us know through the Contact form.)

Best wishes in Budo,

Kutaki Admin

Posted by kouryuu on 2006/6/11 11:42:00 (2165 reads)

This is obviously being posted after the fact, but a donation of 150,000 yen was made to the Red Cross at their Tokyo headquarters for South Pacific tsunami relief efforts. After the earthquake/tsunami which sparked this initiative, we took over a year to gather donations, by which time the Red Cross' budget for relief efforts of that particular disaster was already filled. After further consideration, it was eventually decided to put the donation towards relief of future earthquakes/tsunami in the South Pacific region, an area of the world which is very prone to this type of natural disaster. There was then a delay in getting the correct email address of the right people to talk to at the Red Cross headquarters in Tokyo, but eventually contact was made and the donation given.

I'm proud of the way that the Kutaki community was able to contribute to this humanitarian cause. It speaks well of Bujinkan martial artists when they exercise their belief in the value of life in this way. Although we often think back with nostalgia to those "good old days on the battlefield," and although many Bujinkan members use their skills professionally to protect others in dangerous situations every day, this is one way that we can also use our training to preserve the lives of others who literally may not survive without it. Cheers to all of the Kutaki members who helped make this possible through your contributions!!

Kutaki Admin Shawn Gray
with Mr. Goto Hisashi of the Japanese Red Cross Society

Posted by kouryuu on 2005/9/13 9:21:00 (2252 reads)

As of today's date, Kutaki Villagers have raised over $1200 USD (including $500 from Kutaki Administration) for Pacific Tsunami disaster relief efforts. These donations have come in for posting items for sale, commercial advertisements, and seminar announcements, as well as for non-specified reasons. All donations made through the end of 2005 will be donated to the Red Cross/Red Crescent Society in early 2006.

Thanks to all Kutakians who have donated so far - this is one instance where our Budo can make a difference in society at large. By supporting seminars posted on Kutaki, you are also helping those who lost homes and loved ones in the Tsunami.

Thanks for your support.

Shawn Gray
Kutaki Admin

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