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How Do I Access the Shidoshikai Forum?
To access the Shidoshikai Forum, please use the "ShidoshiCard" link in the left-most column of the main Kutaki screen. You can then upload a scan of your current Shidoshikai Membership Card. Kutaki Admins will be automatically notified of the upload by email and will then check the card and grant access to the forum in as short a time as possible.

Shidoshikai Forum members voted that to maintain access to the forum, a new card must be sent in every year. Members are given until April 1st to send their card in for the current year, or else their access to the forum will be revoked. This means that any current member of the forum in 2004 must send in their 2005 Shidoshikai membership card by April 1st, 2005 or their access to the forum will be revoked.
Is Shidoshikai Forum Membership Anonymous?
Kutaki members who are given access to the Shidoshikai Forum are added to a list of forum members which is accessible to other members of the Shidoshikai Forum only. The list includes Real Name, User Name, and Country. Kutaki members who are not Shidoshikai Forum members cannot access this list.

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