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"I see this 'Contact Us' link... should I click it, or not?"
Please go ahead and use the "Contact Us" link to contact Kutaki management about technical problems with Kutaki itself, such as inability to log on, etc.

Please do not use the "Contact Us" link to ask a question about anything to do with going to Japan, the Japanese language, or anything about training or the Bujinkan itself. Please post these questions in the appropriate Kutaki forum. You will be much happier with the response!

The "Contact Us" link is for questions concerning the technical operation of Kutaki itself.
"I seem to have trouble registering / posting to forums. I get the message that I could not register / post a message."
This often happens with users who use Norton AntiVirus or other such antivirus/firewall software. If you are using such software, you may have to adjust the settings or disable it in order to register and log on. Try some different settings to see what works for you.

My post was deleted! Why??
Most likely this happened either because you did not read >> this FAQ << or because you did not read >> this FAQ <<.

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