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What is a Live Bookmark?
For Mozilla Firefox Browsers, there is a very cool tool available for keeping up to date with the most recent threads on Kutaki. It is called a "Live Bookmark" and it is very easy to get working. If you are not using Mozilla Firefox then you can download the most recent free version from HERE.

Essentially, it is is a bookmark that goes in your "Bookmarks" pull down menu. You can name it whatever you want, for example, "Kutaki Live," or "Kutaki Recent Threads." When you open your Firefox Browser and go to your Bookmarks, if you scroll down to the live book for Kutaki, a side menu will open up with a list of the titles of the 10 most recent threads. Very convenient!
How do I set up a Live Bookmark?
First, highlight and copy this hyperlink:

Then, open up your Firefox browser, go to "Bookmarks" and scroll down and click on "Manage Bookmarks..."

Next, Click on "File," scroll down and click on "New Live Bookmark..."

A small window should open in the centre of your screen called, "Properties for "New Live Bookmark" which has three fields: "Name:" "Feed Location:" and "Description:"

Go ahead and paste the hyperlink you copied from above into the "Feed Location:" field.

After that, you can give the New Live Bookmark a name in the "Name:" field. You can call it, "Kutaki Recents" or anything you like.

You can put something in the "Description:" field if you like, but it is not necessary.

Click OK and now you are done!!
What do I do once a Live Bookmark is set up?
After a Live Bookmark has been set up for Kutaki, you can easily jump to any of the 10 most recent threads.

Do this by simply going to "Bookmarks," scroll down to the Live Bookmark which you named, for example, "Kutaki Recents."

A side menu will open up with a list of the titles of the 10 most recent threads. From there, you simply just scroll over to the thread you want to go to and release the mouse button.

There is also an option at the bottom of the list called, "Open in Tabs" and what this will do is open each of the 10 most recent threads in its own tab in your browser. 10 tabs in all! Now you don't have to keep going back to the Live Bookmark in order to switch to a different recent thread.

Have fun and enjoy your browsing!

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